SURGERY: Stem Cells Can Treat Cataracts

On March 2016, one of the scientists in the most advanced country China and the United States also have discovered and built up one of the best surgical techniques to remove the clouded lenses without removing the stem cells to regrowth both animal and in human trial. The cataracts, it is a clouding of the lenses that leads to vision defects. And the current treatments create the needs of the corrective lenses post-surgery.

SURGERYThe current treatment includes the removing of cataractous lenses and the implantation of the artificial replacement. This strategy, the LESCs or what we called the lens epithelial stem cells are preventing the lens to regrowth post-medical surgery.

This kind of operation is also related with some other complications, like for example, the lens dislocation, or the calcification, and also for those kids who suffered lazy eye syndromes.

An extreme objective of the stem cell research is turning on the regenerative potential of everyone’s own stem cells for tissue and repairing organs and malady treatment. One of the trusted methodologies and a safer one that gives a best result in cataract surgery.

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