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The Social Impact of Problem Gambling


Problem gambling is devastating, and any person who gets caught up in it can suffer a lot. Do
you think you are suffering from it? Looking for cash to gamble is typically the most obvious,
immediate problem that soon leads to other difficulties that affect quality of life, employment,
physical health, mental health and family relationships.

Gambling addiction doesn’t just impact the person. According to recent research, each problem
gambler has at least 10 colleagues, friends and family members are also affected directly.

Financial Costs

Do you know that many families go into huge debt, and remortgage their houses to sort out the
gambling problems of their loved ones. But still, the urge to play online casino games in
Thailand and anywhere else refuse to go away. They turn into other illegal ways in order to make
more money to gamble.

Those individuals who are unable to settle their debts well may be forced into bankruptcy. At the
end of the day, it is the society that carries the debt. In some countries, those people who unable
to work because of their gambling addiction are subject to state benefits, getting at least £57.35
each week.


In some cases, a problem gambler may turn to crime. This further leads to court costs, police
time, and prison and probation services. All are factored to the cost of the society.

The effects on kids

Unfortunately, several families and other relationships breakdown as a result of gambling
addiction. Kids are the ones mostly affected by this. Because of all the emotional distress, their
situation may lead to poverty and conflicts with their parents.

Looking into these details, it becomes clear that the costs and problems associated with problem
gambling can extend farther than financial difficulties. If you have loved one suffering from this,
it’s best to give him or her the much-needed support. Moreover, it’s crucial to educate yourself
that comes with the problem.