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5 Ruling Web Design Trends for 2018

Web Design

As web design has evolved through the years, it is now increasingly important to make things hip, fresh, while at the same time, functional as well.

Here are the 5 ruling web design trends for 2018:

Gone with the Old, In with the Gradients

Images can really help bring life to your website and although most web designers and website making company still make use of them, they’re now also using some gradients as well.

Pulsating gradients have been on the steady rise since its resurgence in 2016. To those of you who do not know, a pulsating gradient offers more vibrant colors and it has some transition elements as well. In other words, it is so colorful and it literally acts like it has a life of its own.

What makes gradients more appealing than a standard image is aside from its rich color palette, you also have the ability to incorporate something that looks more modern and a bit of a 3D touch as well.

More Diverse Color Profiles

The world is full of color and so does a website if you want to attract more people to it. It is the designer’s job to mix and match colors so that it will be pleasing to the eyes as well as it suits the tone of your website.

This doesn’t only apply to the overall design of your web page, but it also applies to the font you’re going to use. You might consider using a black background with red-color texts as your best color combination, but it is not something that is appealing to your audience.

The rule of thumb would be to use vibrant colors that are not too attention-grabbing; just something that will add personality when someone views your site.

Use Videos but Also Keep Speed in Mind

The use of videos in websites are slowly becoming more prominent and although they are now a welcome addition to a web page, you have to still keep speed in mind.

Nobody wants to wait a long time for a website to load just because of videos and certain animations. You have to keep the balance and optimize the media you’re going to use so as to not sacrifice speed for aesthetics.

Experiment with Different Layouts

As you may have noticed nowadays, more and more websites are adopting the asymmetrical layout design. An example of this is a web page that presents different images not shown in order, but rather in a unique way.

People are now more willing to try to look at things that are out of the ordinary, so experimenting with different layouts is a good thing as a web designer.

Just keep in mind to not be way over your head when experimenting with stuff. You should try things in a way that works while still retaining the overall theme of your website.

Create Designs That Suit Different Needs

There are now two major platforms wherein people can consume digital media: mobile devices and their desktop counterparts.

You have to create a design for a website that can be both enjoyed by the PC and smartphone crowd.

If you do not know how to do this, do not worry. There are plenty of resources online that can help you get started.